The House’s thoughts on last night episode of The Walking Dead


When Eastman said sorry and clocked him I jumped up and said “I knew he didn’t kill that wolf”… great peace of foreshadowing that was paid off in the final scene.

Morgans transition from  scorched earth policy, to zen master is not the way to go IMHO. As we have now seen with rick, and the gun touting wolves at the RV, the two guys he trucked that are leading the raid on Alexandria, and the Current rabies infected cur he has locked in the brownstone basement, that he is attempting to pay it forward with should be proof positive that Ricks way is the safe way to go. Look Morgan you need to come to grips with the fact that some people during the Zombie Apocalypse just can’t be allowed to run wild. It’s bad enough having to deal with walking dead but having to deal with crazed humans that want to kill you at every corner  you need to be ready to be Judge, Jury, and possibly executioner if the individual calls for it.  walking around blindly trying to save everyone with a heartbeat is obviously detrimental to everyone’s health. MASTER SPLINTER.. I MEAN THE CHEESE MAKER… NO I MEAN Eastman  was a great character  and a great foil to the fact that just because you are cut off from the world doesn’t mean you need to become a sheep like the Alexandrians have become.  With that said we really enjoyed this episode, especially after TWD damn  near broke the Internet last episode. We are  Looking forward as always to the next episode of TWD.


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